Battling the Covid-19 Sequelae: January Issue 2021

eHealth Magazine Jan Issue

Forwarding the fight against Covid 19
COVID-19 Transcends Diagnostics Labs from Quantity to Quality Service
“Digital IT solutions enabling new trends”
“Ecosystem of healthcare has changed”
“Challenges Ahead in Healthcare”
Digital Technologies to improve health
Digitization and Changing Dynamics of Public Health
“Achieving a Vision of Health”
Optimisation of medical exposures in computed tomography
J Mitra & Company: Our Crusade Against Covid-19
Post Pandemic Healthcare – Time to Reset and Restart
Co-creating a Comprehensive National Digital Healthcare Platform
Battling the Covid-19 Sequelae
“Health Structure has Evolved with Time”
“Electronic Health Record for Every Citizen”
“Health Platform is the Most Important Requirement in Our Country”
Potential of Telemedicine and Next Gen Technology in Public Health: Challenges and Perspectives
“AI adaptation will be challenging in India”
“AI Can be a Path Breaker in Our Healthcare System”
“AI can rule out the Urban and Rural division”
“AI will Empower Both the Doctors and Patients”
Future Prospects Of The Indian Diagnostics Sector, The Resurgence Post Pandemic
How Innovative Business Models Can Ensure Access to Quality and Affordable Healthcare
Embracing Digitisation in Pharma Adopting the New Normal
“There is a revolution in broadband”
“Digital Healthcare is the Future”


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