“Health Structure has Evolved with Time”

Dr. K Madan Gopal

“The Vision is in ensuring financial protection against catastrophic health expenditure and access to affordable and quality healthcare for all”, says Dr. K Madan Gopal, Senior Consultant, NITI Aayog.

If we look at the landscape of digital health in the country we have been doing a lot of work since a decade we have started working. When the Clinical Establishment Act was enacted and we are supposed to be adopting that thing one of the activities in the Clinical Establishment Act was electronic. We started from there and from last many years the health structure has evolved to right up to 5000 population. A structure is there and to provide the services through the structural centre to provide preventive and promotive care As a result, many programs have evolved for monitoring all the programs. We have a program MIS which collects the information from beneficiaries right up to village level population. Having many programs in this we thought that suppose I am there in the village my data is collected on immunization, malaria tuberculosis, and family welfare. How come a system is there which can at least say that what kind of services I can give if something is wrong for example COVID where we want to make an assessment regarding the occurrence of the COVID in BCG vaccinated individuals we want to assess the comorbid and BCG that data is not there you are only collecting the data which has happened if you are collecting the data at least all should be considered. The government of India has been making a lot of efforts. They have created the electronic records, The National Electronic Health Authority the resource centre have been made CDAC as custodian of that way back, they have come up with a software solution to enable the hospitals to collect and make electronic records. Side by side a lot of programs have evolved The Central Bureau of Health Intelligence they are collecting a lot of information.

There was a thought that how these data set which are coming they should be talking to so to each other so a platform was devised which is known as integrated health platform which is evolving and most of the states they are using that platform in which all the program data is coming if they are hooked to this information that’s parallel which is going on the preventive primary health care side. When the Ayushman Bharat came there were lot of thoughts going on that how to quickly roll out this program, at that time the thought process started that we should be having an integrated digital architecture where all the things can ride on this as a result what happened when the first phase there was lot of deliberation the two tracks of architecture were agreed one track was to immediately to rule out the Ayushman Bharat program and the second track after the program stabilize it then you quickly build on the structure so that we have a comprehensive digital instruction in which all the things can write. So the first part was very easy we have adopted one of the state’s software for quickly rolling out the Ayushman Bharat program and we have to remember that Ayushman Bharat is having two components one is the primary healthcare component which is being carried by the integrated health information platform, the other is PMG component which is the IT thing tricorn in the track when the track one evolved and the program was rolled up simultaneously efforts were made for developing our architecture for having a comprehensive architecture indigenously built architecture which the national health authority is doing.

They have rolled out as PMG 2.0 where they have rolled it out to be 2.0 when the work was going on simultaneously we thought that we should be having stack that means all the data should be coming at one place with.

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