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Elets Exclusive! There is a huge gap in the healthcare delivery between urban and rural areas, opine experts

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Shedding light on various aspects centered on quality, affordability, and role of advanced technology, healthcare experts from various spheres of the industry congregated at Urban Healthcare Summit in Hyderabad recently. They shared their views on the technological advancements that the healthcare sector is witnessing. Also, it is noteworthy how they delivered their best practices adopted by corporation hospitals.


Sharing the role of teleradiology and its growing pace in the healthcare industry, Gunjan Kumar, CIO, Head Initiatives, Regency Healthcare said, “Telemedicine or teleconsultation has not been as successful as it is being perceived. Lately, we have observed that Telemedicine has not been so successful in a stream of operations where in fact teleradiology successfully managed to make its mark. It has been a big success in many of the hospitals and it is by far the most assured, quality assured and confirmed way of operations rather than telemedicine.

Joining hands with him was Dr. RajSekhar Janapareddy, CEO, Bloom Hospitals. He said, “With the ongoing scenario of telemedicine, it is unfortunate that there is only tele and the medicine is missing. The sad part is that there are so many patients across the country that doesn’t have any access to any care. People in urban areas can avail the best patient care. Technology can be the best tool to fill the gaps in the urban and rural healthcare delivery. In telemedicine, the part is missing and we have to get it back which means the patients vitals, information, real time online which will then be called as telemedicine. It’s a highly abused and misused word before doctors and owners of hospitals.”

“There is a huge gap in the healthcare delivery where the urban people avail best Medicare while rural people don’t get even basic facilities. We have lots of health plans in India. That needs to be brought under one umbrella. Public health concept should be developed. There is no initiative for full fledged public health in India which needs to be strengthened”, Prof. Dr P S Prasad Dandamudi said,


To say we provide quality healthcare or the measurement of quality, we might have all the data in place but still we are not looking at the implications. Talking about that, from a patient’s perspective, it is important to observe what they can get in the best possible way. The problem lies in the synchrony of various departments in spite counseling, orientation programmes, and standard operating procedures. Every patient is important. Parents look at doctors as saviors”, said another panelist, Dr. V S V Prasad, CEO, Lotus Hospitals for Women and Children.

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