Vishal Mahajan

Speaking at the 4th Healthcare Summit Rajasthan, Vishal Mahajan, Director -Sales Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd. talked about the innovations in healthcare that will lead the way for a better India.

“We recently started institute on wheels which helps to train healthcare professionals in rural areas”, said Vishan Mahajan.

Reigning the industry for more than 130 years, with a strong presence in India for the past 70 years, Johnson & Johnson, since its inception has provided health workers around the globe with the knowledge and skills they need to heal and improve patient’s mind.

Talking about the innovations that Johnson & Johnson is scaling to uplift the quality of their products and in the public-private space, Mahajan said, “Not only we sell products but we also train and up skill our customers. We are trying to create a happier and healthier India.”

“We have partnered with baby centers to launch m-Mitra which is training or giving advise to pregnant women. These are voice-based calls meant for women in rural areas, to tell them about the phases of pregnancies and precautions that needs to be taken during that time. We have MoU with the Government of Maharashtra and NIPER. We also worked with the Central Government for the eradication and supply of medicines for TB”, Mahajan added.

Heart and science is the core of Johnson & Johnson. Reaching out to rural areas where we do not have our centres is a herculean task. Owing to this, Mahajan said, “We invested very heavily on an institute, the Johnson & Johnson Institute on wheels which reaches out to the rural areas, moves to government hospitals, gets the people on board and get them trained out there.”

Further explaining on this initiative, Mahajan said, “Johnson & Johnson Institute on wheels is a specialised path designed to serve as a training centre and provide hands on surgical trainings to more than 25,000 healthcare professionals across India. Over the next 5 years, the bus will travel to 400 towns across the country to train budding practicing surgeons and paramedical staff on specialties including surgery, pediatric, gynecology, infection prevention and operating room management.”

“At Johnson & Johnson we pledge to do our part to achieve a world where safe and timely surgical care can be accessed by all. Through the programme on wheels, we believe that J&J can positively change the trajectory of health for humanity”, added Mahajan.

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