Digital Age Adapting the New Normal: eHealth Magazine September-October Issue 2020

Ehealth Magazine

Digital Technology—Paving Path for Robust Healthcare System

‘NDHM will bring in integrated systematic healthcare infrastructure’

Combating Covid19 Through Music Therapy

‘Aftermath of the COVID 19 Pandemic and the Road to Recovery’

Radiology Education: Exploring the potential of Next Gen Technology

Radiology in Times of COVID: Tackling Unprecedented Challenges

Technological Innovations in Diagnostics

Power View and Crystal Signature Tech in Ultrasound

The best outcomes rely on first time right

Succeeding the Art of Radiology – Deep Insights

Carestream Focus 35C Detector

BPL—Carving a Niche in Medical Diagnostic Segment

Cardiovascular Management During COVID-19

EHR–A basic tool to Bolster Digital Health Infra

‘Mental Health Plays Vital Role in Overall Wellbeing’

Take care of your teeth

Fujifilm India Committed to Provide Affordable Tech Solutions to Masses

‘NDHM needs well-defined pathway to on-board private sector into the program’




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