BPL Alpinion systems

BPL Alpinion systems provide affordable solution for enhancing imaging experience with latest addition of power view technology. This solution is available in mid end segment products.

In the recent development in ultrasound transducer technology, BPL Alpinion Ultrasound products have come up with Power View Technology which enhances efficiency through heat dissipation of transducers.

In daily practice where transducers have been used for longer hours, they tend to heat and as a result they lose efficiency day by day. The Power View Technology ensures transducers to have longer life and more durability.

Power View Technology adds more life to transducers

In power view technology, there is a cooling architecture integrated which doesn’t allow crystal to heat and hence adds more life to the transducers. This Power view Technology not only helps transducers to keep it cool but also provides better penetration and higher resolution to the user. Cooling architecture helps in increasing the bandwidth of the transducers which provides similar imaging effect as Single crystal transducers.

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In ultrasound imaging where main challenge is to get best diagnostic images even in obese patients, the Power view technology will enable Radiologists/Sonologists to overcome such issues and can confidently report diagnosis.

Crystal Signature

Other well known technology available in BPL Alpinion ultrasound systems is Crystal Signature. BPL alpinion ultrasound products are based on PMN-PT (lead-magnesium-niobateleadtitanate) single crystal technology in transducers.

PMN-PT single crystal technology is far superior then Piezoelectric single crystal technology since it has more bandwidth and as a result more detailed and lower noise images can be produced.

This technology requires less voltage compared to PZT single crystal therefore less waste of heat which adds longer life to transducers and more bandwidth.

The physics of ideal PZT single crystal technology has been known for decades but both the commercial-scale crystal growth of PMN-PT and its application to manufacturable, reliable ultrasound transducers have posed engineering and economic obstacles that few companies attempted to conquer.


Any low-level effort to apply PMNPT to only the most expensive, exotic transducer products is doomed to fail because of the long list of technical hurdles that needs to do away with. The logic goes like this: PMN-PT is expensive and hard to use, so many companies only research its use in expensive products that require small crystal sizes, for example the TEE transducer. But the scale of the development required to build a high-yield single-crystal product cannot be justified if the technology is only intended for application to a few transducers. This same self-defeating circular reasoning apparently has operated at all the major ultrasound manufacturers, because nobody wants to take on such a big project when PZT transducers are still selling.

That is, nobody wanted to try until ALPINION was created. The major risk undertaken at the inception of the company cannot be overstated: its whole reason for existence was to apply PMN-PT single-crystal ultrasound transducers universally in every feasible medical sonographic application.

Only with great risk is there the opportunity for great reward, and through a combination of technical breakthroughs and hard, slow work the achievement was finally unlocked: The ALPINION learned to build single-crystal PMN-PT medical sonographic transducers efficiently and affordably.


Today, Alpinion products provides greater sensitivity, wider bandwidth, higher conversion efficiency, and lower noise with the help of PMNPT single crystal technology which is known as Crystal Signature.

Both technologies (Power view and Crystal signature) provides solution to user for getting best diagnostic images from difficult patients with ease from mid end to higher end segment.

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