Digital Pharma The Next Normal: November Issue 2021

november magzn

Digital Pharma – Peering into the Crystal Ball

Digital pharma the Next Normal

Transforming the Diagnostics Industry

“We Should Leverage Covid-19 as a Transformational Inflection Point for Indian Health Care”

Digital Empowerment of Labs – Need of the Hour

Covid -19 – Enabler of Change in Indian Healthcare

Focus on Accreditation for Enhanced Diagnostics

“Technology and Digitalization will Continue to Provide Further Boost to the Sector”

Enabling Rapid and Accurate Clinical Decision Making

Future of Digital Booking

Neutralizing Antibody Detection for COVID-19- Futuristic Technology

Next Gen Sequencing – Transforming Modern Healthcare

Rapid diagnosis for effective treatment of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Why Inventory Software is Better than ERP/Excel for Your Lab Business?

In Quest of Laboratory Management Reform: Decoding Laboratory Diagnostics in COVID-19 Pandemic

Building An Integrated Health Network – Need of the Hour

Can Technology bring in health that’s missing from the Indian healthcare ecosystem?

A New Era for Healthcare in the Post-pandemic World

Can Technology be the Answer to India’s Healthcare Woes?


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