Neutralizing Antibody Detection for COVID-19- Futuristic Technology

Dr Li Yanfeng

In an Industry Presentation, Dr Li Yanfeng, Head of Business Development (IVD), GenScript Asia Pacific talked about ‘cPass™ Neutralizing Antibody Detection for COVID-19 Post Vaccination Monitoring’ at the virtual 2nd edition of Elets Diagnostics Leadership Summit. Edited excerpts.


Dr Li Yanfeng, Head of Business Development (IVD), GenScript Asia Pacific during her discourse spoke at length about their product offering, a neutralizing antibody detection kit for Covid-19 vaccination monitoring. She introduced the concept of surrogate Virus Neutralization Test (sVNT) technology and its significance in the areas of quality of protection for vaccine development. She also talked about potential and many popular applications of scientists using the sVNT to understand our own protection against the variance of concerns.

She shared the available technologies for covid detection including the qRT-PCR or the rapid antigen test. She added that for the post infection serology or vaccination purposes there are a lot of kits available that can offer the detection of binding antibodies, which is IgG and/or IgM that actually detects these antibodies that are induced by immune response to the virus or the vaccination.

She shared that the virus neutralization test is also being used as it can measure the functional antibody response or the immunity, telling you how much protection one has after getting exposed to the virus or after getting vaccinated. She shared that in the present circumstances it’s very critical to understand one’s current immunity status to ascertain whether one is actually protected from a potential infection especially when the delta variant and other variants are prevalent.


She detailed about the sVNT test and about the significance of measuring neutralising antibodies (Nabs). She averred that the majority of the current approved treatment of Covid-19 consists of different neutralizing antibody cocktails, with many more companies still in the development of new broad spectrum neutralizing antibodies. Dr. Li also stated that according to a research done in 2020 it was discovered that neutralizing antibody levels are highly predictive of immune protection from symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection.

She further shared the real life efficacy data from Israel where within just one month’s time there was a difference seen in the vaccine efficacy that dropped from 94% to 64% owing to variants of concerns circulating in the society. She added that sVNT technology is a powerful technology that actually allows to differentiate the neutralization capacity of the sample. She reiterated that neutralizing antibody is very critical and has also been shown by the WHO committee of experts in the previous committee meeting to show that it can be a good biomarker to indicate how the new vaccine generation and development should be referred to. She further shared various studies conducted over the last few years whose results can be used to come up with solutions to tackle the new virus variants in the times to come. sVNT kit is marketed in India by Premas.

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