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In an industry presentation, Niraj Desai, VP – Sales (Enterprise), CrelioHealth and Husain Rampurawala, Product Manager, CrelioHealth shared their views on ‘Future of Digital Booking’ at the virtual second edition of Elets Diagnostics Leadership Summit. Edited Excerpts:

Elaborating upon almost a decade long journey of CrelioHealth, Niraj Desai, VP – Sales (Enterprise), CrelioHealth shared that they are working with close to 2000 plus labs and diagnostic centers across India and have presence across the globe too. He shared that they have been a cloud-first platform since the beginning of their journey. He added that they always felt that patient experience is the critical part of the patient journey and the diagnostics services that we do in India. Further he elaborated saying that they ensure that labs are better connected with patients enabling better feedback management & with better products like patient communications, mobile app & WhatsApp communication. He shared that now the organisation has gone ahead and made sure that local players or the regional players compete with the online aggregators better by giving a better patient experience while they are booking through the systems, as well as how an integrated system helps them put up a better show for the patient. He shared a presentation where he explained how the product works and how it is helpful to the diagnostics centres & labs to reach out to patients, and offer them a digital booking experience.

Husain Rampurawala, Product Manager, CrelioHealth further highlighted different modules of the product starting with an ‘online store’ that helps laboratories make their own website and customise it as per their business needs. Here labs can publish healthcare packages or tests that allow patients to choose from and add to the cart. The user-friendly interfaces can easily improve patient experience and enable them to compare prices, select home collections or walk-in appointments, select suitable date & time for tests and make payments from feasible modes. This form that patients fill up can be customized again by the lab, allowing them to capture as much information about the patient as they want along with medical history. The form can also have different fields that can be customized in different languages. It also allows them to capture the consent of the patient before going forward. He averred that their technology offers an end-to end & seamless experience for the patient that is also mobile-ready. The patient is notified at every step of the booking.

The product created a huge difference during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving labs a streamlined process to manage patient information without requiring manual entries and conduct tests in such a hassled environment.

The customisable options include adding feasible images to the promotional packages, adding various color themes that suit the website color, brand color or even a specific health days. These promotional packages once created can be embedded on to the lab’s website or its shareable link can be shared across different social media platforms, WhatsApp or can be even sent via SMS campaigns.

Mr. Desai further elaborated that it’s not just a booking system but a communication system as well; and it’s a standalone product that can work with any LIMS. He also added that hopefully in the next phase of their journey CrelioHealth is looking to launch a compatible home collection module. “We already have launched the first phase of it, and going ahead, an option will also be given for the patient to directly track the location as well in realtime. This is the need of the industry and we hope to cater to this present as well as the future needs,” stated Mr. Desai.

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