Automation of Labs: a New Beginning: February Issue 2021

February Issue 2021

Automation of Labs: a New Beginning

Diagnostics: Arming with Automation

India’s Diagnostics Journey – and the Future

Why is Managing Turnaround Time (TAT) Important in a Lab?

Changing Trends and Future Perspectives in the Diagnostic Industry

Lab Accreditation Gains Importance During Pandemic

Preventive Genetic Testing: Decoding our Future – Is it New Cyrstal Ball?

Total Lab Automation, AI: Connecting the Brain-to-Brain Loop for Lab Testing

“Our Intensive Five-point Covid Strategy is Ready”

Building a Digitally-first Healthcare Ecosystem

First 1000 Days – Window of Opportunity

Emerging Need of Nutrition Post Pandemic

Food Fortification for Sustainable Community Nutrition

Maternal & Child Care, Health & Nutrition

India Moves towards Holistic Nutrition

Real-time Gene Sequencing will Aid the Fight Against Future Pandemics

Forging Partnerships to Improve Access to Diagnostic Services

Molecular Diagnostics Technologies for Covid-19: Limitations and Challenges

Close Monitoring of Availability, Affordability, Quality of Covid-19 Vaccine will be Crucial to Combat the Dreaded Virus

TILs as Immune-oncology Markers in Routine Practice

CENTOGENE’s Variant Prioritization

Leprosy– Indian and Global Scenario

“We are Committed to Providing World-class Molecular Tools to the IVD Industry for Reliable Testing of Simple to Complex Disease”


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