Emerging Need of Nutrition Post Pandemic

Nutrition Post Pandemic

The disruptive Covid-19 pandemic has been such a watershed event for the Nutrition sector. While this easy access to calories increased our life span, regular consumption of these sugar and fat laden processed foods led to a decreased quality of life with the emergence of lifestyle diseases, the root cause of which is poor nutrition.


Vikram Kelkar

Vikram Kelkar, Group Managing Director, Hexagon Nutrition, said “Our aim is to create awareness in Nutrition in India, also globally. The amalgamation of macro nutrients that is proteins, fats, carbohydrates and micro nutrients which is vitamins and minerals. However nutrition often takes a back seat in the Indian culture. The prevalence of this pandemic has made us realise the importance of nutrition, therefore forming a strong immunity. The Rashtriya Bal Swasth Karyakram aims to detect under nourished children. Early detection of certain imbalances will help the child to grow up strong and educated in health. Post pandemic era is definitely an era of nutrition, and its importance in daily lives.”



Deepali D. Naik

Deepali D. Naik, Director, Women and Child Development, Government of Goa, said, “Combatting Malnutrition is a big challenge. We have formed a program named Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP), where 1262 Anganwadis are involved in supplying goods for the rural sectors. We have also trained our workers in child nutrition for a better health. Pritibhoj is also a part of the program of our department where we aware that the entire family along with woman and child is involved.”

Dr. K. K. Pathak

Dr. K. K. Pathak, Secretary, Women and Child Development, Government of Rajasthan said, “Adequate amount of nutrients in women and child is the utmost importance. Fortified food also holds an importance as per the Central Government. Around 2 lakh children in Rajasthan are under nourished and in Global Hunger Index, India holding a rank of 102. It is an extremely alarming situation in our country. With Poshan Abhiyan, implementation of digital implementation throughout the country, fortification in the staple diet is a good move, but we have to be alert on the quality as well. “


Mugdha Sinha

Mugdha Sinha, Secretary, Science & Technology, Art, Literature, Culture & Archeology, Government of Rajasthan said, “Nutrition cannot be confined to one department in our society. Nutrition should be a fundamental aspect of a human being. Nutrition should begin from the womb of a woman. Awareness in the rural and urban sectors of our society plays a key role in up scaling nutrition in an individual. There is a huge amount of difference in communication at both the sectors which is only conveyed through public policy. There are many vegetables which are only available in hotels as exotic cuisine, but in some villages in Rajasthan, there a many such unnamed fruits and vegetables at large organically, which are going unnoticed due to a huge communication gap.”

I.A. Kundan

I.A. Kundan, Secretary, Women and Child Development, Government of Maharashtra explains, “The universal outreach of nutrition in India is certainly challenging. Malnutrition is highly dimensional. It is impacted by poverty, inadequate food consumption, agricultural practices, inadequate food distribution also health education and goes on. In Maharashtra, we focus on the rural and urban context in food waste management. We are more working on the delivery system in the entire state, combining the rural and urban sectors, hence a motive to ensure to reach at every corner. There is also a lot of convergence issue which needs to be tackled.”

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