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Elets Exclusive! The Kerala Government has better healthcare delivery systems than other states, says Vinod Raj V, Health & Family Welfare, Govt of Kerala

Vinod Raj

Speaking at Innovation Healthcare Summit, Hyderabad, Vinod Raj V, Technical Manager- eHealth, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Kerala, said, “Kerala is at the forefront of States having better healthcare delivery system. We have been running eHealth project for past four years. Soon, the project will be implemented across the State in primary healthcare centres and up to tertiary care centres. In addition, we have ‘one patient one EMR’ which helps patient to access medical records anytime, anywhere. They don’t need to carry medical records everywhere. Patients’ active involvement on what kind of care they are catered to, gives him a sense of satisfaction.”


Continuing further, Vinod said, “We have the best public healthcare system in the country. Along with it, the hospital management system is totally integrated with it in the sense that any person who is diagnosed with NCD, he will be automatically allotted in the hospital where he can do the follow up and other treatments.”

The Government of Kerala has already initiated several measures. These measures span key areas such as affordability, infrastructure, standardisation and education.

Sharing the new initiative called eHealth which has been implemented in Kerala, Vinod said, “Our idea behind this initiative was earlier where patients had to carry all his medical reports and documents with him while visiting a doctor. But now due to this new innovation, they will have a soft copy of the reports and documents linked to their Aadhaar. When a patient visits the doctor, the latter can access his reports and documents online. This will help the doctor and patient keep a record of medical history.”


Drawing the attention towards the scope of Private public partnerships, Vinod said, “Moving forward, the hospital management system that we have is a SAAS model. Currently, we are providing the facility of the online system to the government hospitals. Any government hospital can come on board. The only requirement that they need to have is the connectivity power and the hardware.”

“Moreover any private clinic who wants to have an electronic medical record can come on board, do their configurations by which they get an online queue management system. We have a whole set of data which can be use by the private players for giving better healthcare insurance or economic health plans. In case of hardware and connectivity, printing services like printers, UHD cards should be provided to the hospitals”, explained Vinod.

Concluding his speech, Vinod said, “These initiatives are dependent on the Government’s ability to implement in coordination with all stakeholders. Much of the intent in healthcare reform over the years has been constrained by ideological debates including public versus private delivery.”

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