Dr. Shashi Bala Singh

Speaking at the Healthcare Innovation Summit Hyderabad, Dr Shashi Bala Singh, Director, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research said, “Healthcare system is an area not only limited to the government but also for people at large. The healthcare system cannot be developed completely without the help of private public partnership.”Dr. Shashi Bala Singh

Being a renowned scientist and a researcher, she threw some light on some of the future technologies of the healthcare system which will be a part of the healthcare industry and definitely be added to the same. Adding to which Dr. Bala further said, “We are in the golden era of innovations in healthcare. We have crisper techniques where you can edit DNA and make embryo of your choice, pre-programmed drone which can collect blood samples from residents of rural village and travel back to capitals. In addition, we have 3D printing where surgeons can practices complicated procedures before they do on actual human samples. How will these technologies be absorbed by the individual patient that is something which needs to be focused upon.”

Underlying the future of the healthcare sector, Dr. Bala said, “It will not be completely dependent on the innovation we set out to create. It will be equally shaped at how we respond to it and anticipate the challenges and consequences of each great advancement.”

Talking of ehealth, Dr. Bala said, “The Telangana Government is trying to setup NEHA, National ehealth Authority, where they will be giving out ehealth cards to the people of India. eHealth is defined as an use of information and communication technology for health. Treating the patients, conducting the treatments, education, health workforce, tracking diseases and monitoring public health are some of the examples.”

“One size doesn’t fit all. Similarly, different people will react differently to the same drug”, said Dr. Bala while speaking about newer innovations taking pace in the healthcare industry. She further said, “Earlier, any women with breast cancer were put under chemotherapy. But with innovations like zero mapping and trying to understand the level of cancer and status, chemotherapy has been reduced to 25%, according to Price Waterhouse Cooper, which is followed extensively in India as well.”

In her concluding speech, Dr. Bala mentioned about the implications that can be witnessed in the healthcare sector in the years to come. She said, “Within a span of 10 years, you will see a total overall hauling of the healthcare system like digital healthcare, digital medicine, etc.”

“Artificial Intelligence is going to play an important role and it will drastically cut the time that scientists spent on analyzing data and testing molecular combination as they developed new formulation”, said Dr. Bala.

The primary aim of health related artificial intelligence implication is to analyse relationship between prevention and treatment technique the patient outcome. “So all the programmes that are developed and applied to practices such as diagnosis, prognosis, drug developments, and patient monitoring will be part of artificial intelligence”, said Dr. Shashi Bala Singh.

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