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Technology is all set to have an unprecedented impact on healthcare in terms of building the foundation blocks towards a connected home and healthcare ecosystem.

Are you afraid that robots will take over the jobs of nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals? Are you scared that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will control the world in future? Well it isn’t much far when technology will support a large section of healthcare segment with unprecedented innovations and ideas. For the last couple of years, emerging technologies had changed our life drastically, especially with advances in smart mobile and faster and cheaper internet.

As pressure mounts to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, healthcare ecosystem is also experimenting with creating new revenue-generating verticals, such as commercial genomics, big data and digital health start-ups as well as easy and equitable access of healthcare services to general public.

New Technologies will Lead to Smart Hospitals

Speaking at the Healthcare Innovation Summit, Dr Govindaiah Yatheesh, Unit Head, Apollo Speciality Hospital, Karnataka said, “There are technologies which are currently available and can be harvested to ensure basic patient care delivery with better outcomes. The basic essence of any smart hospital is that it has to be a patient-centric care. The most important thing we need to look at is the outcome of the systems that we are putting in place to measure our clinical outcomes accordingly.”

Joining hands with him was Dr Adarsh Somashekhar, Chairman & MD, Ovum Hospitals said, “Technology will lead us to develop new skills and likewise human beings will come across to different fields. If you are going to give me less money to cure a patient, the patient will be in the hospital for lesser period but home care services will get a boost. Your turnaround time will reduce.”

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When asked about the current scenario of the Healthcare segment in India, Col Hemraj Parmar, CEO, B R Life said, “We are all aware that the fastest growing technological advancements are taking place in the healthcare space globally.”

Adopting Technology the Right Way

Technology is set to have an unprecedented impact on healthcare in terms of building the foundation blocks towards a connected home and healthcare ecosystem. The adoption of technological advancements, in healthcare or any industry for that matter, varies for a number of reasons and happens along a predictable continuum. When a new technology emerges, there will be people who adopt at the earliest stages (innovators).

“When it comes to adopting technologies, augmenting skill sets is of ultimate importance. When you are talking about smart hospitals, you need to run it in a smarter way and increase the profitability. Yes, adoption of technology will definitely put across capitalisation but at the same time, bring efficiency to the system”, said Dr Yatheesh.

Ensuring Affordability in Healthcare

Col Hemraj Parmar, Group CEO, B R Life said “One of the major causes of concern today is how to ensure healthcare delivery at an affordable cost. Only about 20-25 percent population is currently covered by insurance which in comparison to the Western countries is very low. More infusion of technology and ensuring better outcomes with affordable access to healthcare delivery for people living in every corner of the country will bridge this gap between the rural and bigger cities.”

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“When we start analysing each patient, and not only have the patient but also his/her family, then we started to think what can be done? It is important to quickly involve the parents into the care and for that special care needs to be taken for the mother”, concluded Dr Adarsh.

This technological revolution, where technology will redefine the healthcare industry of the future, is combining vast amounts of available data, cloud computing services, and machine learning to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to provide expert insights and analysis on a mass scale, at a relatively low cost. So, with new technologies like these, Smart Hospitals will be a reality catering to healthcare needs of present and upcoming generations.

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