Dr. Hemant Deshmukh

Whether you are someone suffering from a disease or who just wants to be in a good health, digital imaging helps you to detect and diagnose disease at the earliest in such a way that the diseases are in the treatable stages and determine the most effective ways to get it cured.

Medical imaging encompasses different imaging processes to image the human body for diagnostic and treatment purposes and therefore plays an important role in initiatives to improve public health for all population groups. Furthermore, medical imaging is frequently justified in the follow-up of a disease already diagnosed or treated.

Speaking at the Urban Healthcare Summit 2019, Mumbai, Noted Radiologist Dr. Hemant Deshmukh, Dean, KEM Hospitals shared his views on how to bring the affordable diagnostics services to common man. He said,” Everybody knows what happened to Kodak when digital imaging came into being. Kodak just collapsed on his knees and just because of the arrival of digital images in the market, people got used to taking a lot of digital photographs. So, there was a total extinct of paper images by then.”

 Speaking on similar lines regarding digital radiology, Dr. Deshmukh further continued,” Likewise digital radiology has made it possible to take more number of X-rays, store them, transfer, archive them and make the digital images ready within no time.”

Everything in radiology is absolutely digital now. “So, we have this digital images incorporated in our pack system and the greatest advantage of digital images were that the patient need not come for the x-rays again and again”, said Dr. Deshmukh.

Medical imaging especially X-ray based examination is crucial in a medical setting and at all major levels of healthcare. Commenting on the same, Dr. Deshmukh said,” Even if a patient undergoes a CT scan, the number of images that are generated per patient is almost close to 2 thousand.”

Talking about using and storing these images, he further continued,” We can store all the images on the cloud and archive them. All these facilities are available to the common man in the corporation at a fraction of a cost which is not available in the private setup.”

Radiology and medical imaging technologies have revolutionized the healthcare system in India and around the world. The technologies are fundamental to standards of care. From detecting early diseases to reducing the need for invasive, in-patient procedures and facilitating shorter recovery times, medical imaging saves money and improves efficiency in the health care system. Medical imaging and radiology helps patients avoid or limit more invasive procedures and return to their everyday lives more quickly. It is because of these advanced technologies that the term the country is reforming in terms of healthcare deliveries and improving the treatment of the patients.

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