January 2018

Godrej Appliances Bringing Specialised Healthcare Cold Chain Solutions with Sure Chill Technology

The Healthcare cold chain is plagued with issues of unreliable cooling, freezing of stocks, low hold over especially during power outages. Godrej medical refrigerators with Surechill technology provides the answer to all these issues. Our goal in 2018 is to ensure that we reach out to every Health care professional and make them aware of the benefits of this technology. We intend to scale up installations across India and Africa… says Jaishankar Natarajan, Assistant Vice President, Head, New Business Development, Godrej Appliances, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).


What innovations has Godrej Appliances embarked upon to provide solutions for the healthcare industry?

Godrej Appliances is a pioneer in the home appliances space, having introduced Refrigerators in this country way back in 1958. Over the many years we have introduced several technological innovations in this field. Some of the examples are- PUF technology, Powder coated Color panels, Completely green refrigerators, most energy efficient appliances- the recent one being the introduction of most efficient and green Air conditioner. The company has acquired considerable expertise during this journey of 60 years and is now rightfully considered as the Cooling Expert.

Under the aegis of the companys Good and Green philosophy, Godrej is committed to providing solutions which addresses both ecological and social issues. The partnership with Sure Chill, addresses a key need of providing, precise cooling solutions for preserving vaccines, Blood, Insulin and vital medicines used within the Healthcare system.


Most of the vital Healthcare stocks need to be stored, between 2-80 degree Celsius at all times, to maintain its efficacy
and potency. Existing Ice Lined Refrigerator technology, while being better off than domestic refrigerators, has several limitations: key amongst them are — freezing of stocks when in contact with side walls, Poor Gross to Net storage volumes, Wide temperature variation within the storage chamber, Low hold over, high risk of part failure especially
thermostat. UNICEF estimates that close to 70% of vital vaccines are rendered useless within the health care supply chain due to these limitations.

In the case of Solar powered ILRs, issues of failure of charge controllers, batteries, Low life of accessories, maintenance of solar panel are some of the problems faced.

Godrej Medical refrigerator powered by Surechill technology resolves all of these major issues. It assures No Freezing of stock, provides hold over time ranging from 3 days to 13 days at an ambient of 43 deg, is completely passive with no major moving parts for temperature control and has very low stratification (variation of temperature between any 2 points within the storage chamber).

The Off Grid solution eliminates Charge controller and Battery “ 2 main causes of field failure and connects the device directly to the solar panel through a plug and play connection. The products are backed by the guarantee of quick efficient service through the wide Godrej Service network, present even at taluka level.


How does this Sure chill technology work to assure a safe, reliable cooling solution?

The core of this technology is rooted in the anomalous behavior of water. Water is densest at 4 degrees and is lighter at higher and lower temperatures. This phenomenon is seen during freezing winter when lake surfaces freeze while the water below remains at 4 deg and sustains aquatic life. Water when cooled to this temperature, starts settling down.
Cooling beyond this temperature results in ice formation which floats creating a thermal bank.

Once stabilized, this technology requires only 2.5 hours of power supply to sustain the thermal ice reservoir, which allows the contents of the refrigerator to remain cool even without power supply. During its normal use for access to remove or store, the storage chamber might witness an ingress of ambient air which could lead to temperature rise. This rise in temperature is quickly absorbed by the cold walls to maintain chamber temperature within the 4 deg band. The water, within the contained tank, warms up and rises and comes in contact with the thermal ice bank. Heat exchange occurs to normalize water temperature to 4 deg. This cycle continues till such time the thermal ice bank is depleted “ The hold over period.

Surechill technology provides options of holdover period from Medium ( 3-4 days) in some models to long holdover ( over 7- 13 days), measured at ambient of 43 deg. The technology completely eliminates the risk of freezing as it is indirect water cooling and not conventional Thermostat controlled defrosting refrigerator.

What are the main goals for the Healthcare Cold Chain business for 2018?

We have co-located and set up the production facility within our main Manufacturing plant at Shirwal. We are the only Indian manufacturer to have our entire range WHO PQS prequalified and have exported our products to over 2 dozen countries across the globe. Truly living willing up to the promise of Make in India for the Globe. The year 2018 will see us continue this journey of exporting to more countries, with focus specifically on Southeast Asia, North, Central and West Africa.

Within India , we are not only catering to the Immunization Cold chain but have also customized products to meet requirements of blood banks, Hospitals for storage of Insulin and Lab reagents. We expect to scale our activities in these areas while also introducing the product for use in animal health care set up.

All of our efforts will be completely backed up by a wide network of well- trained service technicians who will ensure quick efficient service.

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