AMRI Hospital, one of the top multi-specialty hospitals in Kolkata, successfully conducted the Trans Aortic Valve implantation surgery. It is the first time this surgery has been conducted in eastern India. This is certainly yet another benchmark of excellence established by the experienced medics at AMRI Hospital, Kolkata.

Two patients, aged 86 and 58 underwent the treatment.

Trans Aortic Valve implantation surgery is the least invasive surgical procedure, which repairs the damaged valve by replacing it. However, the procedure does not involve removing of the old valve. Rather, it places a new valve into the aortic valve’s place. Once the new valve is expanded, the old valve leaflets are shoved by it. Further, the role of regulating the blood flow is taken over by the tissue in the replacement valve, said Dr Hazra, the well-known cardiologist at AMRI Hospital, Kolkata, who carried out the surgery.

Talking about the severity of heart diseases, Dr Hazra said, Heart disease is no laughing matter. In fact it is quite common today with excessive levels of stress involved in our daily lifestyle. The key to combat it is to raise awareness about the disease, along with regular monitoring in order to keep a check on the health issues that lead to it.

He happens to be the only cardiologist experienced in implanting artificial heart in eastern India. Having expertise in Paediatic Heart holes by keyhole, Dr Hazra has also performed a number of heart attack angioplasty 24X7 by radial route at AMRI Dhakuria in Kolkata.

Number awards and accolades bestowed upon him orchestrate Dr Hazras overall excellence and professional expertise. He is also the first cardiologist to implant wireless pacemaker in eastern India. Apart from this, he is also the first cardiologist to carry out Aortic valve replacement without opening the chest. With a rich experience of 23 years, Dr Hazra has also set record by implanting fully MRI compatible wireless Defibrilator for the first time in India.

Explaining the purpose of Transcatheter aortic valve replacement, Dr Hazra said, As a matter of fact, the pumping of blood from your heart to the rest of your body usually opens the aortic valve. Any problem in the opening and closing of the valve results in a condition called Aortic stenosis. It results in extra strain put on the heart and often leads to breathlessness, swelling in ankles, pain in the chest, dizziness, and sometimes, blackouts.

Both the patients who underwent the Trans Aortic Valve implantation surgery at AMRI Hospital, Kolkata were discharged in good health and are doing well, he said.

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