India score 68 in the Healthy Lifestyle Score research-reveals Saffolalife

In a recent held study released by Saffolalife, India backed a lifestyle score of reporting a Healthy Lifestyle Score of 68. While Bangalore leads with a score of 71, Mumbais healthy lifestyle score was found to be 67.

Running in its fifth year, Saffolalife study is a research on factors impacting heart health. This year, Saffolalife has studied the healthy lifestyle of India, through a composite lifestyle score, and has ascertained the impact that lifestyle has on heart health.

The Saffolalife study 2016 was conducted in 5 cities of India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chandigarh. The study saw participation by 586 urban Indian males and females in the age group 30-55 years. The Healthy Lifestyle Score, presented by Saffolalife, was developed by Medical Nutrition Foundation, and is endorsed by 3 professional bodies “ Hypertension Society of India, Indian Academy of Diabetes and the Association of Physicians of India. The Research survey was conducted by Nielsen India Pvt. Ltd. and the diagnostic survey was conducted by SRL Ltd.

Talking about the Saffolalife study, Padmashree Professor Shashank Joshi, President of Hypertension Society of India, Senior Endocrinologist,Lilavati Hospital and Research Institutesaid, The complete healthy lifestyle score is based on three component scores- stay active score, eat better score and be happy score, which encapsulates all key aspects of ones lifestyle. This is, in fact, an empowering tool that will help people to assess and understand their life style and its impact on heart health, monitor changes in their lifestyle and thereby empower their life in order to be more heart healthy.

Commenting on the study, Dr. Shweta Rastogi, Chief Dietitian & Lifestyle Medicine Consultant, Guru Nanak Hospital & Research Centre said, Diet is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast. Add more wholegrains, nuts, and fruits and vegetables to your plate. Not just diet, but staying active and being active are essential for a healthy lifestyle



Lifestyle score

  • Saffolalife releases a research-backed lifestyle score of India
  • Saffolalife Research releases Mumbais Healthy lifestyle score of 67 which lags behind the All India score(The Healthy Lifestyle Score for India has been calculated basis research in 5 cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore & Chandigarh,), and Bangalore leading the Healthy Lifestyle score at 71. Mumbais Healthy lifestyle score however seen to be ahead of Delhi which is the lowest at 65
  • 38% of Mumbai people found to have a Lifestyle score of less than 65 which is defined as a low lifestyle score


  • Lifestyle Score comprises of 3 Factors “ The Eat Better Score, Happiness Score and Active Score*
  • Saffolalife Research releases Indias Eat Better Score at 58, Happiness Score at 55 and Active Score at 35. This showcases how the sedentary lifestyle of India is pulling its healthy lifestyle score down*
  • As compared to India, Mumbais Eat Better Score is at 51, Happiness Score at 81 and Active Score at 31.In contrast to this, Delhis Eat Better Score is at 58, Happiness Score at 59 and Active Score at 28. This shows that both Mumbai and Delhi have a sedentary lifestyle but the Happiness Score of Mumbai is significantly higher than Delhi*

Impact of Lifestyle on Heart Health

  • INDIA : Saffola life Research has found that the Incidence of heart health related problems such as Cholesterol is 10 percentage lower among those who have a higher lifestyle Score In India ( HLS > = 65 considered as healthy and HLS<65 considered as not healthy)
  • Cholesterol levels a concern for Mumbai with more than 38% have high cholesterol; more than any other city


Eat better Score:

  • Mumbai Eats out more often than other key cities, only 3% never eat out vs. All India average of 13%. This is also reflected in Lowest Eat Better Score (51) of Mumbai as against other cities and All India Average (58)
  • 59% of Mumbaikars end up skipping a meal
  • Regularity in eating Wholegrain Foods is seen to be lower in Mumbai at 38% as compared to all India Average of 58%
  • Only 35% of people in Mumbai regularly consume fruits vs. Delhi at 49%
  • Consumption of Green leafy vegetables is lower in Mumbai than Delhi (Mumbai at 38% vs. Delhi at 47%)


  • 68% of the people in Mumbai sleep for an optimum 7-10 hours duration per day “ the highest among cities, above the All India average of 53%
  • Mumbai and Bangalore lack in the quality of sleep. Only 33% people in Mumbai and 32% people in Bangalore seen to have a sound sleep
  • People pursuing hobbies is much higher in Mumbai at 70% and Delhi at a 46%
  • 80% people in Mumbai have a positive outlook of life and are hopeful about the future vs only 57 % in Delhi


  • Only 36% of the people in Mumbai exercise regularly vs. 56% of the people in Delhi
  • One of the reasons for Active Score amongst people in Mumbai, is found to be- travel in public transports (Mumbai, at 62% vs. an all India average of 50%)


  • Close to half the people in Mumbai have never checked their BP and blood sugar levels
  • Cholesterol levels a concern for Mumbai with more than 38% have high cholesterol; more than any other city
  • Mumbaikars still ignorant on the cause of Womens Heart health (70% under the false perception that women rarely suffer from Heart diseases vs. 51 % at an all India Level)



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