Dr Ravi Gupta

In a country like India, where almost 70 per cent of the healthcare expenses are out-of-the-pocket, finding ways for affordable medical facilities could be a huge relief for the needy. And, in this age of digitisation and information technology, healthcare startups are making that happen, slowly but surely.

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and the healthcare startups are making no mistakes in deciphering the underlying idea to their advantage and to the advantage of those seeking cheaper, better medical care. Be it finding the right doctor for a particular ailment, getting an expert medical advice sitting at a far off place, buying medicines from the comfort of ones home, or getting healthcare services delivered at ones doorstep the startups are doing it all. With technological advancements happening at an unimaginable pace, these newbies have come up with mobile apps that can bring together various healthcare providers like doctors, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres and pharmacists, on a single platform, to provide home and preventive care services, resulting in easier access to healthcare at affordable costs.

Not stopping just at that, the medical startups are also providing solutions to healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics for better management of various in-house records, patient data, availability of doctors and paramedical staff, and connecting patients with the desired medical professionals at pre-decided times.

What keeps this startup momentum going is Indias huge market potential for healthcare services, which is believed to be a US $100- billion opportunity. Moreover, an industry prediction of the number of mobile internet users in India crossing 300-million mark by 2017 from 159 million users now gives the startups even more reason for jubilation, as their primary focus is mobility-based healthcare solutions.

This issue of eHealth magazine tracks the rise and rise of healthcare startups in India and talks to a number of entrepreneurs hogging the limelight for translating their innovative ideas into reality. The interactions will provide the readers a sneak peek into the future shape of the continuously evolving startup story.

This issue also unravels the latest trend of digitally-aided medical education through a special feature that goes beyond the obvious to bring you a realistic account from the classrooms of educational institutions across India. Besides, the magazine also has lavish sprinkles of views of various stakeholders in the health domain.

Hope you like the packaging and keep us posted with your valuable inputs.

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