Telemedicine project to help treat wounded Navy Personnel on board.

Telemedicine project to help treat wounded Navy Personnel on board.

The government has recently sanctioned Rs 61.59 crore for telemedicine project to treat severely wounded personnel on board Indian Navy ships.

This will ease the treatment as a specialist sitting far away can advise the best possible treatment through video-conferencing via India’s satellite ‘Rukmani’.

According to media reports, a senior Navy official said that this would bring a revolutionary change in attending to severely injured patients in remote locations where a specialist is not available.

He also explained that a doctor and a medical team is always on board when a ship sails out, specialists are available mainly on the bases. With telemedicine, a super specialist like a neurosurgeon can access the reports on his computer and give step by step directions to the general doctor on board via video conferencing.

At present, the Navy has 133 ships, over 200 aircraft and 13 submarines. The force has strength of 600 doctors, of which specialists would be around 300 and super-specialists around 100.

The main is INS Ashwini in Mumbai which as the status of command Hospital. The other two are INS Sanjivani in Kerala and INS Kalyani in Visakhapatnam.

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