Managing Illness with Skill, Compassion and Quality – Dr Dileep Mane, MD in Internal Medicine

Dr Dileep Mane
Dr Dileep Mane

Dr Dileep Mane,
MD in Internal Medicine

One of the important specialties of Noble Hospital is that it is led and managed by a team of specialized doctors. Dr Dileep Mane, an MD in Internal Medicine, has adopted several strategies to achieve the goal of quality healthcare for all. Dr Mane, in conversation with Nikita Narvekar, ENN

What is the next exciting phase for Noble Hospital in 2014-15?

Noble hospital is situated at the entry gate of Pune city. Our aim is to provide tertiary healthcare services to the patients at an affordable cost. Critical Care Burns unit is the need of the hour for Maharashtra state, with only few hospitals in the state having this set-up to cater burns patients. We are coming up with a 100-bed hospital set-up, Nobel Annex, where we are planning to have a Critical Care Burns Unit.

What are the latest super/multi specialty services you have introduced for patients?

We will use computerized navigation system for doing joint replacement and brain tumor surgeries. It uses the computer technology for guiding surgical interventions. Specialised instruments, connected to the navigation system, on touching the anatomical position on the patient, takes images from this patient. This enables the surgeon to navigate the images of the patient by moving the instrument.

What are your initiatives in medical education and training?

We are currently accredited by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) for conducting the Diplomate of Na- tional Board (DNB) programmes in specialties of General Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Anaesthesiology. We are also preparing to apply for accreditation by College of Physicians and Surgeons. Apart from this, we also conduct fortnightly CMEs (Continuous Medical Education) for the general medical practitioners and consultants in the vicinity on topics that are rele- vant to their professional practice.

What are the modern equipments you have deployed in diagnosis and treatment at the hospital?

We have an automated analyzer in our laboratory to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples, with minimal human assistance. The automation of laboratory testing does not remove the need for human expertise, but it does ease concerns about error reduction, staffing concerns, and safety. We also have a state-of-the-art Blood Bank with all the modern technology including TRIMA cell separator for single donor platelet (SDP).

“Critical Care Burns unit is the need of the hour for Maharashtra state, with only few hospitals in the state having this set-up to cater burns patients”

Dr Dileep Mane

Dr Dileep Mane,
MD in Internal Medicine

Noble HospitalKindly update us about your landmark initiatives on any treatment modality/ infrastructure.

The orthopedic team at the Noble hospital, Pune has been providing the latest in orthopedic treatment and surgical techniques, which are at par with international standards. We have all specialty services developed in Noble hospital. Few super specialty services are unique. Foot and ankle is unique super specialty developed in our hospital. Foot and Ankle centre is the first of its kind in Maharashtra, and only one of the few in India. Foot and Ankle specialty is not yet developed in India and there is no formal training in this field. Our Expert Dr Sampat Dumbre Patil has received fellowship training in USA (Duke University, Durham and Columbus, Ohio), Switzerland (Basel Uni versity), and Germany (Heidelberg). At Foot and Ankle center, we are offering the following unique services:

  • Sports injuries in foot and ankle
  • Bunion surgeries
  • Diabetic foot problems
  • Flat foot treatment
  • Deformity correction of foot
  • Fractures in foot and ankle

These unique features in the department are well supported by wellequipped Orthotics and Prosthetic department which is one of its kind in Pune. Orthotics and Prosthetic de- partment provides treatment for all foot pathologies through conservative means using imported Podo technology from France which works on the latest dilatancy principle of impres- sion taking, digital foot scan & neuro pathic & proprioception examination and helps us to correctly diagnose the problem. The treatment can be undertaken for diabetic foot, arthritic foot, flat foot, collapsed foot, pronated foot, sports injured foot or pain from any kind of foot problems. We provide relief from foot problem by means of a totally-customized foot orthoses, footwear modification or customized footwear. The design of the insole is completely custom made as per each individuals foot pathology, weight bearing pattern, activity level. We provide Artificial Limbs for every level of amputation. We fit ar- tificial limbs of various categories, starting from basic category such as Jaipur Foot to the most advanced Bionic Limb both for lower and upper extremity amputation. Our prices for artificial limbs are most competitive for best available quality.

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