Interest and Comfort of our Patients is Paramount

Dr D K Baluja, President, QRG Medicare Ltd

Dr D K Baluja,
President, QRG Medicare Ltd

QRG Health City, a 450-bed multi-specialty hospital inFaridabad, is driven by the philosophy of patient first.Promoted by QRG Medicare, the healthcare venture aimsto break the perception that hospitals have become profitcentres, and instead work solely on the principle of honestyin the medical profession. Dr D K Baluja, President, QRGMedicare Ltd in an email interaction with Ekta Srivastava,ENN, elaborates on the objectives and plans of the hospital.


Please tell us about theinspiration behind the launch ofQRG Health City?
QRG Health City strives to be a cuttingedge super speciality hospitalcommitted towards providing exemplarymedical care by ethical practicesand deliver international servicesto people of Faridabad and beyond.The hospital will run on social entrepreneurialbelief where all earningsand profits will be reinvested for constantlyupgrading technologies, servicesand facilities to enhance comfortand well-being of patients. Thethought is to offer a patient-centredcollaborative learning experience,driven by the primary value, Theneeds of the patient come first. Withtop-of-the-line doctors, medical staff,latest medical devices, and cuttingedge technology, patients can get specializedtreatment and surgeries. Thefoundation for setting priorities andaligning efforts across the organizationis our five pillars of excellencebased on quality, patients, academics,employees and finance.The basicinspiration behind launching this projectis to give an utmost care to peopleof Faridabad with advanced technologyand infrastructure for which theyhave to go beyond the city or country.

How do you plan to provideaffordable healthcare to all?
The healthcare scenario in India indicatesthat its the need of the hour tofocus on providing quality healthcareand accessibility to healthcare facilitiesin an ethical way. Healthcareis changing before our eyes. Withgreater awareness and better accessto information now-a-days, there is ahigher emphasis on health and diseaseprevention. QRG Health City will be aunique healthcare facility in Faridabadthat will offer world class healthcarefacilities, best doctors and latest techniquesdelivered ethically, with fulltransparency and honestly. The hospitalwill help everyone to make a safeand informed decision regarding ones health and healthcare requirements,conforming to global standards underone roof delivered at affordable rates.This will definitely save the opportunitycosts and time for which the patientshave to go out of city.

In setting up of hospitals whatare the challenges that youhave faced and how did youovercome them?
Whenever you start a new project, weare bound to face some or other formof blocks and hurdles. What mattersis to develop a successful strategyand by following careful consideration,it is possible to develop a tailoredapproach to overcome the barriers,encourage changes in behaviour andultimately implement them. The onlyway to overcome challenges is to facethem and overcome them by keepinga positive approach, confidence in theteam and the project and enthusiasmto achieve the goal.The hospital infrastructure is particularlydesigned to ensure that allthe requirements are met efficientlyand effectively at times of emergency.For Example, typically, hospitals haveemergency section on the ground floor while operation theatres are eitherlocated on the second or third floor.However, at QRG Health City, there willbe an exclusive OT to attend to emergencycases on the ground floor to cutdown on the time needed to take a patientto second or third floor. Those fewminutes or even seconds can be thedifference between life and death.


What are the objectives of thishospital?
QRG Health City is committed to createan ethical and high quality healthcareorganization that serves all sectionsof society sustainably througha three way focus on education, researchand deliver transformativetherapies for patients. It is solely drivenby the philosophy that interest andcomfort of our patients is paramount.Further, in order to ensure maximumcommitment, doctors will work fulltime here and will not practice at otherhospitals or their own clinics. Atthe core of our vision, its patient firstand always and hence, doctors willrecommend tests and surgeries onlyif they are utterly needed and not forsake of commercial interests.This willavoid excess investigations and overprescription of drugs which is taxespatients health.

What are your thoughts on the riseof multi-specialty hospitals? Whatare the advantages it caters?
I strongly encourage and am in favourof such practice in the interest of patientsas well as caregivers, providedthey offer their services following theethical route.Multi Specialty Hospitals are multifarioushealthcare institutions thatinclude every branch of medicine andsurgery available under one roof. Theemerging number of multispecialtyhospitals in India over the last decadeconfirms the emergence of improvedand better medical facilities on rise.This has resulted on the growth andbetter outcome of overall healthcaresystem in India and there have beenmany more intended, especially forthe suburbs of cities and in rural India,where is a need for the same.

The USP of the hospital would becutting edge technology and theclinical care which is patient centricand would aid in correct and earlydiagnosis and hence treatment

What technologicaladvancements are youplanning in your hospital?
We will introduce a number of medicaldevices and equipment for thefirst time in Delhis satellite city ofFaridabad. Once operational in June
2014, the hospital will be biggest in thecity with capacity of 450 beds and isexpected to provide a number of state of-the-art facilities.For example, we will have the first FD 20 Clarity Cath Lab in North Indiaand the third in India. The Cath Labwill perform full spectrum of cardiacand vascular interventions, have advancedinterventional tools for vascularand PTCA procedures.Similarly the hospitals radiologydepartment will provide a number ofservices under one roof including 3Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging,128 Slice CT scanning, mammography,and bone densitometry. The hospitalwill be first in the city to offerBronchoscopic Ultrasound, which willallow faster and accurate diagnosis ofrespiratory diseases.

How QRG will cater the needof the patients differently fromother multi-specialty hospitals?
Our sole aim is to give best facilitiesto our patients so that any abnormalityin the body is detected at the earliestand necessary interventions aremade so that the patient can recover.The hospital is also located close toNational Highway that cuts acrossFaridabad and is notorious for fatalaccidents.

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