HealthCare At Home coming to Chandigarh

Healthcare in India has taken a leap with the availability of quality and credible homecare services being provided by HealthCare at Home (HCAH).

A joint-venture between theBurman family, the promoters of Indias leading natural health care products makerDabur India Ltd,andDr Gareth JonesandCharles Walsh, the founders of the UK-based Healthcare At Home (HAH), the company has made at-home world class medical care a reality in the country.

HCAH started providing its exemplary homecare services in Delhi around a year back and drew huge response from patients and doctors alike. The company works alongside with the patients doctors to offer high-end, clinically credible treatment to the needy in the comfortable confines of their homes.

The company works with corporate hospitals and doctors to offer critical healthcare services in oncology, pulmonology, post-operative care (orthopedics, cardiac, bariatric etc), critical care and palliative care. Setting up of ICU facilities at home makes HCAH stand out. Understanding the need for special care for older lot in the country, the company also offers specialized elderly care and companion ship programme for them.

After creating ripples in Delhi, the joint venture is nowspreadingits wings to Chandigarh to make it possible for the city residents to avail the unparalleled services of HCAH. It will closely work with the city hospitals and doctors in thetri-cityof Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohaliand plans are there to soon cover the whole state of Punjab, and expand to Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in the near future.

With this expansion, we aim at changing the entire healthcare scenario in the tri-city with unmatched homecare facilities changing the way people look at chronic ailments and their treatments that not only bother the patients but also his/her family. Encouraging response from Delhi-NCR people has made us to expand our wings to Chandigarh,said Mr. Vivek Srivastava, CEO, HealthCare at Home India.

The backbone of the company is its experienced trained staff (nurses, HCAs and physiotherapists) who after joining HCAH embark on a rigorous six-weeks training. HCAH invests in excellent IT platform and technologically advanced international equipment which is necessary to provide cohesive treatment at home and at all times keep the treating doctor in the loop.

HCAH makes sure that the treating doctor of the patient is always in control of the treatment being provided. Treatments administered by the HCAH professionals are led by the prescriptions of the patients doctors. So while the doctor is always supervising his/her patient via HCAH, the quality treatment being provided by our professionals leads to all-round improvement in the patients conditions,saidDr Gaurav Thukral, Vice President & Head, Business Development, HealthCare at Home India.

The services being provided by HCAH saves the already hassled patient to travel to and fro to hospitals. The HCAH staff keeps the patients doctors updated about the treatment and their condition, providing the treating doctors a tab on their patients.

HCAH aims at bridging the yawning gap for quality patient care at home. As far as cost factors are concerned, HCAH is an affordable choice for a lot of patients, who otherwise pay huge amounts to hospitals for medical facilities. Availing ICU and chemotherapy services at home are 20-50% cheaper as compared to hospitals.

Why one would opt for homecare?

When someone in the family suffers from critical illness and requires constant medical intervention and supervision, homecare comes as the best possible option. Instead of expensive, time-consuming attendance at hospital, homecare is designed to better meet patient needs. Allowing the patient to be at home greatly improves their quality of life.

For every treatment, there is no need to travel to the hospital. The homecare services which can even handle critical patients save the patients from painful visits to hospitals.

After getting discharged from hospital, equal attention and care is required at home too. The period is sensitive for the patients and one cant heave a sigh of relief after just stepping out of the hospital. Proper and diligent care at home after the release from hospital is important and it leads to speedy recovery of the patients too.

Patients who deal with chronic ailments on a day-to-day basis are always looking for mental and spiritual wellbeing in order to cope up with the difficulties in their lives; in such cases homecare facilities such as HealthCare at Home grant patients freedom, mental peace and a hassle-free lifestyle much to their convenience.

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