Next time you visit a diabetes centre, dont be surprised if you are counseled by someone who is more like a teacher rather than a doctor.

In a major development in diabetes management in the country, the Association of Diabetes Educators (ADE) comprising well-known endocrinologists and diabetes experts have sought the need for diabetes educators to fulfill the gap that exists between holistic diabetes management and present day two minute diabetes counseling.

As per the latest recommendations presented at the regional meet of ADE in the capital, nurses and dieticians will undergo transformation of roles to help patients with diabetes learn self-management skills to live long and productive lives.

Renowned doctors and educators from northern India reviewed the set of recommendations that included the likes of Dr Ambarish Mittal, HOD, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Medanta the Medicity, Dr. S K Wangnoo, Sr Endocrinologist, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Dr H.B Chandalia, President, Association of Diabetes Educators and Director, Diabetes Endocrinology Nutrition Management and Research Centre (DENMARC) and Dr. Sujeet Jha, HOD, Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Obesity, Max Hospital, New Delhi.

Elaborating the role of the educators, Dr H.B Chandalia, President, Association of Diabetes Educators and Director, Diabetes Endocrinology Nutrition Management and Research Centre (DENMARC), said The trained diabetes educator will work as a catalyst in the integrated approach for management of diabetes providing guidance on clinical, psychosocial, nutritional, lifestyle changes, family support, counseling, treatment and appropriate referrals. The educator’s role will include counseling and psychosocial support to reduce risk factors such as hypertension and obesity besides working closely with patients on medical treatment to achieve optimal glycemic control and helping prevent renal and neurological complications.

India carries the largest case burden of adults with diabetes with 6.13 crore living with the condition. By 2025, according to WHO estimates India will account for half of the worlds diabetic patients. In such a scenario, the role of diabetes educators is set assume significant importance.

It has shown to increase treatment adherence among patients who can then lead a life with less complication. The initiative has received wide support from many countries like the one in India where Becton, Dickinson & Co. (BD) worked with the India Diabetes Educator Program (IDEP), to train 3500 diabetes educators across the country.

As per Dr S K Wangnoo, Sr Endocrinologist, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi said, Living with diabetes is a challenge and, after years of experience and evidence-based research, there is a growing recognition that diabetes education can play a pivotal role in promotion of health and reduction of risk factors on individuals and communities. Diabetes educators will offer patients more choice to take charge of their own lives and make them feel empowered.

In the coming years, the ADE plans to further the demand for such education across the country by conducting mass awareness programs through expert presentations, behavior change sessions, educative handbooks and role playing case studies.

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