Andy DavidAndy David, Senior Director-Healthcare (Asia Pacific & Japan – APJ), SAP, feels that the HIS & HMIS market continues to be lucrative

How do you perceive the market for HIS & HMIS in India?
Typically, hospitals implement these systems only to manage the basic functionalities. However, over the period when they realise the benefits of these offerings, the second and third choices are more towards a solution which is integrated and rich in functionality. This makes us a strong player in most of the matured countries.
We have started to witness attraction for these solutions amongst Indian hospitals. However, the journey has just begun and we are confident that the early adopters in India will realise the benefit and look at the long term value and appreciate the right investment to deliver value throughout the journey.

What is the size of this market? Who are the top players of this field?
With a significant contribution of private sector and with the public sectors interest in leveraging technology, the market continues to be lucrative.

What are the unique HIS/HMIS Solutions you have designed for Indian healthcare?
SAP is looking at leveraging the Best Practices that have been developed by working with multiple hospitals across the world. Additionally, the capability of working in a single through to a cluster or even a state, offer us tremendous potential for the private hospitals that have growth plans and for the public hospitals who are looking for a single solution to run across a province.

In technology front, what are the new developments have come up?
SAP ERP is now powered by HANA, a flexible, multi-purpose, data source agnostic in-memory appliance that combines SAP software components optimised on hardware provided and delivered by SAP leading hardware partners. It helps in real time performance and delivers great speed in transaction. In addition, it also delivers a full business intelligence capability from the same source; there is no need to set a different reporting  infrastructure. It can all be run from the same environment delivering huge savings.
For business intelligence, SAP has a suite of tools which offers a unique advantage and the capability to drive change in clinical and operational functional areas. This solution can be supported by SAP HANA in memory solution that allow huge data to be analysed in seconds, thus have impact in research and real time predictive capability offering individual focus delivering Patient Analytics.
Mobility is empowering the doctor to be able to work by the bed side with the latest up to information on the patientssituation. With SAPs Unwired EMR doctors are finally engaging with IT and delivering real patient satisfaction at the bed side. SAP Cloud Solutions for procurement Ariba which have an immediately impact on savings thus a huge impact on the bottom line and for talent management with success factors which is key in a hospital where as service industry human resources and retaining top talent so critical.

What are the advantages the solution offers to the hospital caregivers?
From a caregivers perspective, the more accurate and more real time the information about the patient, the more accurate their diagnosis, therefore offering real benefits to improve patient outcomes. Through such solutions, the patients history can be reviewed and the current episode of care, with its results from the various departments, in a holistic view and with the mobile enabled capability can be done at the bedside. This allows a new level of engagement with the patient thereby increasing patient satisfaction.

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