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If Indias GDP continues to grow at 7 percent a year, in 2020 the number of citizens in the high-income segment will rise to 52 million and in the middle-income segment to 372 million. The number of households in the low-income group will drop to 933 million. As a result, India has the potential to add around 4 million citizens every year to the high-income segment and 26 million citizens every year to the middle-income segment.


These new entrants into the middle class and the upper classes will need quality healthcare and that can only come through well trained healthcare professionals. New avenues for creating the doctors of tomorrow have to be found. ICT has proved itself in almost every avenue of education. In medical education also it is being widely used. Through a range of interviews and write-ups from leading stakeholders, we have endeavoured to present a perspective on the medical education issues in the country.

Going further, we have special focus on HIS and MRI in this issue. The HIS cuts manpower costs, reduces the possibility of potentially fatal errors, allows faster delivery of medicines to the patient and helps prevent/ avoid stock outs. Also, the growing clinical applications of MRI have been a result of continuous advancements in technology and increasing Tesla strengths. The enormous market growth in this segment has also been a result of the increased clinical applications.

The era of intensive care medicine began with positive-pressure ventilation. Positive pressure ventilation is one of the most effective methods of ventilation. Positive-pressure ventilation means that airway pressure is applied at the patients airway through an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube.


In Uttar Pradesh, the Innovations in Family Planning Services (IFPS) project began in 1992, as a joint effort between the Government of India and USAID-India. The project is intended to serve as the proverbial catalyst that will enable the Government of India to reorient and revitalise the countrys family planning services. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that we are also featuring a comprehensive write-up on this project in the current issue.

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