Radiology has been considerably impacted in recent years by the emergence of various new technologies. Such innovations have significantly improved the clinical workflow and efficiency and has also helped shorten the diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making processes. There have been dramatic advances in the field of radiology in the past few decades. Radiology has become the key diagnostic tool for many diseases. As explains Dr Harsh Mahajan, a pioneer in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Radiology is the backbone of healthcare industry.

Keeping this view, eHEALTH magazine is celebrating the month of March as the Radiology Month. In this month, our readers will see features and articles on the various emerging trends and issues in radiology. Ultrasound, Digital and Computed Radiography like subjects will get a special focus with inputs from various health experts and radiology professionals.

Says Dr Rajesh Kapur, Vice President, IRIA, The advancement in radiology has evolved from conventional x-rays to ultrasound, MRI CT scanners to many other devices. We have benefitted a lot with such medical equipments, which help surgical specialties, specifically prosthetics and gynaecology, to diagnose and treat effectively. Many a times the surgery used to be exploratory rather than identifying the diseased in the pre-operative phase. The surgeon opens up the abdomen and look for the diseased part. Unlike today when ultrasound gives a clearer view of the body parts, and leads to a better monitoring and developing of treatments or of conventional surgeries.

Radiology in India is evolving. But the challenge is to take radiology to the masses, districts and villages. With telemedicine and teleradiology, we can benefit huge masses.

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