Cancer expected to increase in Asian countries

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People living in Asian countries are adopting bad western habits, which greatly increases the risk of Cancer. It is expected that the rate of cancer patients in Asia will reach 60 percent by 2020. According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 40 percent of cancers worldwide can be prevented by exercise, eating healthy foods and not using tobacco. The Asia-Pacific is now accounting  for about half of the world’s cancer deaths and logging 4.9 million new cases of cancer, which is 45 percent of the global cancer toll of 2002. It is expected that number will reach up to 7.8 million by 2020. According to the report, China, with its population of 1.3 billion, accounts for one-fifth of the world’s new cancer cases, while the US accounts for only 13 percent, with Europe having 26 percent of the world’s new cancer cases.

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