Australian based small company, Alive is working on Bluetooth technology, which transmits medical observation data to a central network through a mobile phone. The company is planning to launch range of products to make advancements in health monitoring through mobile phones. The bluetooth enabled health monitoring devices like heart rate measurement devices, ECGs, blood oximeters and blood glucose meters, will communicate with the software on the mobile phone and upload information to a central Internet server. If one wants constant monitoring, then information can be uploaded in real-time through GPRS mobile data connection. The Cardio Mobile program is known as the Cardio Mobile project, which is based on cardio rehabilitation. Users would be able to monitor their ECG output remotely through the Internet as they exercise. It allows people to get on their lives and enable the doctor to monitor them for their problems. Alive’s Diabetes Management System is designed to reduce reporting error and increase diabetic glucose level management. The device simply stores a log of the data that can be transmitted at intervals to an endocrinologist who can intervene with various treatments or suggestions when changes are detected.  

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