High Salt intake impairs blood flow

A study reported that it takes a mere 30 minutes for a single salty meal to constrict the blood flow in your arteries. The body was examined before and after each meal, to know the smooth flow of blood in the brachial artery which is the main blood vessel in the upper arm which is normally used for checking blood pressure. The findings reported that the amount of salt in a commonly eaten meal impairs blood flow in healthy men and women. The amount which could impair the blood flow was found to be a meal containing four grams salt. This damage is thought to be a very early sign of heart disease if you consume meals out, which contain a higher amount of salt. It was also surveyed that the daily recommended amount is no more than 6 gm but on an average a person’s salt consumption was estimated to be 8.6 gm. The study concludes by stating that cutting average consumption by just a couple of grams a day would slash strokes by 22 percent and heart attacks by 16 percent.

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