Artificial urethera implantation

Doctors now have developed urethras by using the patients’ cells to become another discovery to grow replacement body parts one day. The doctors created the urethras for five boys in Mexico, aged 10 to 14, after they were injured in accidents. There has been only 50 percent success rate with tissue grafts so far. A postage size piece of boys’ bladder was removed as they put the cells into a special mixture in a laboratory to speed their growth. They then fashioned a tiny mesh tube out of the same material used for dissolvable stitches in surgeries to act as a scaffold. The tube was then coated alternately with muscle cells on the outside and lining cells on the inside. The new structure so formed is put into an incubator for several weeks before being implanted into the patient. This structure then disintegrates as a new urethra. The boys reported no dysfunctionality and major side effects after 6 years of implantation.

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