Breathing Therapy Could Prevent Panic Attacks

Breathing therapy method has proved better than traditional cognitive therapy at reducing both symptoms of panic and hyperventilation, according to a new study. The biological-behavioral treatment program, called as Capnometry-Assisted Respiratory Training, or CART, helps patients learn to breathe in such a way as to reverse hyperventilation.  Hyperventilation is a highly uncomfortable state where the blood stream operates with abnormally low levels of carbon dioxide.Hyperventilation, a state of excessive breathing, results from deep or rapid breathing and is common in patients with panic disorders. During the treatment, patients undergo simple breathing exercises twice a day. A portable capnometer device supplies feedback during the exercises on a patient’s CO2 levels. The goal of these exercises is to reduce chronic and acute hyperventilation and associated physical symptoms. This is achieved by breathing slower but most importantly more shallowly. Contrary to lay belief, taking deep breaths actually worsens hyperventilation and symptoms. CART was proved an effective and powerful treatment that reduces the panic by means of normalizing respiratory physiology.


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