Realising the potential of information and communication technologies in transforming healthcare delivery and accelerating business growth, hospitals in India are now shifting their focus on ICT implementation to become world-class care delivery centres. One of the biggest and the most unique hospital IT implementation projects in India, the Max Healthcare and Dell Services partnership has put Indian hospitals on the road to achieve excellence of global standards. Costing `90 crore for a period of 10 years, Max Healthcare is convinced that the benefits achieved because of this project will far outweigh the investments made. eHEALTH tracks the successful completion of one year of the project, benefits achieved, challenges faced during implementation and plans and strategies for the future in the Cover Story of this issue.A major component of the Max and Dell IT outsourcing deal is the implementation of a comprehensive electronic medical record that will not only store the entire clinical information of in-patients and out-patients, but it will also provide them with a unique password-protected URL that can be used by them anywhere in the world for accessing their health records. The Zoom In section this month highlights the  importance of electronic medical records and key market parameters in India, as well as across the globe. India and China are expected to be primary growth drivers globally as they have the potential to implement innovative technologies, such as cloud-based EMR solutions.The latest technologies in the health IT basket, such as the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) for tacking purposes, health expert systems that guide physicians in offering accurate care, the importance of data analytics in healthcare have been highlighted in the Development Dimension, Tech Trends and Applications sections respectively. Further, we are pleased to inform the launch of a new section in the magazineMy Journey that highlights the life and journey of some of the known leading personalities in the healthcare sector, who through their steadfast commitment to achieve their goals, have left an indelible mark.

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