Technological Advancements set to Usher in a Sea Change

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Ravi-Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd.India has emerged as one of the superpowers with huge potential for growth on several fronts. The country is one of the key catalysts for global economic and social changes. The latest trends in healthcare industry speak volumes about its promising new landscape with ICT being the cornerstone of its rapid growth trajectory.

Healthcare industry is swarming with a new crop of entrepreneurs entering the dynamic macrocosm of healthcare to make it up to the snuff. Nearly 80 percent of the total healthcare expenditure comes from the private sector. India’s healthcare sector is expected to advance at CAGR of 15 percent during 2011-17 to reach USD 158 billion.

India’s 1.7 billion people look to public service for all their healthcare needs. Public-private partnership is all-important for healthcare services to reach far-off areas in India. Telemedicine has come as a bucolic boon in our country. The high penetration of mobile phone technology in our country has boosted up mHealth initiatives. With an EHR, lab results can be retrieved much more rapidly, thus saving time and money.

Technological advancements have affected a sea change in almost all verticals of healthcare, including urology. Today, every aspect of urology has braced a shimmering change. Thanks to the technological miracles that have affected the breakthroughs and changed the course of action. We take a look at some of the makers and shakers in urology. Advent of robotic surgery and induction of laser are two of the most prolific ice breakers today. We discuss these issues in depth with the pioneers and stalwarts in the respective fields.

The issue is a special focus on the multispecialty hospitals of the western region. Through series of interactions, we have analysed the work done by the private hospitals. Moreover, we have insights from an array of mHealth providers along with a special survey report on the use of printers and papers in today’s paperless technology -driven world.

Dr Ravi Gupta

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