CK Birla Hospitals Adopts UHID

Dr Ashendu Pandey, CEO, CK Birla Hospitals
Dr Ashendu Pandey, CEO, CK Birla Hospitals
Dr Ashendu Pandey, CEO, CK Birla Hospitals

To help streamline processes, increase transparency, and enhancing operational efficiency to provide improved patient care CK Birla Hospitals (ie BM Birla Heart Research Centre and The Calcutta Medical Research Institute) has adopted Hospital Information System (HIS) taking a step towards the next level of healthcare.

CK Birla will integrate all its patient data in the system by providing each individual with a UHID (Unique Healthcare Identification). This will enable healthcare providers to record patient data in a streamlined and efficient manner. Once integrated into the system, medical data will be readily available to doctors and medical staff at both hospitals, with the touch of a button. the hospital has already integrated approximately 20 lakh patients.

Dr Ashendu Pandey, CEO, CK Birla Hospitals, says, CK Birla Hospitals is committed to providing the best outcomes and experiences to its patients. We have invested substantially in the implementation and will keep on investing in technology which will help in redefining healthcare practices in eastern India.This new HIS will make sure that doctors have information on their patients whenever it is required, right from critical values from investigations to the patients medical history. With this new e“ integration, doctors will be able to access the information irrespective of their location.

The system uses a secure information exchange platform that is compliant with US norms and patient data remains safe and secure and is available only to those who have access to it. Patient data in the system is only available to treating doctors and to care givers. Sensitive or confidential information related to patients has another level of security and remains between the doctor and their patients.

Medical equipment and investigation systems have also been integrated into the system and data from these machines will be directly passed on to the online patient record, thereby eliminating the chances of human error in recording this data. The system captures results from the laboratory analysers without any human intervention and they are available immediately after they are certified. Similarly, radiology studies also shall be available to the consultants immediately after acquisition of images and reports. This quick dissemination of clinical information helps consultants take right course of treatment without waiting for hard copies and printed reports.

The system will capture vital information about diagnosis, treatment and outcome which will be stored for future reference and research. This information will be available to the consultants on a click of a button helping them take clinical decisions based on tested outcomes in treating patients with similar medical conditions. This repository will increase in size with the each passing treatment enabling medical research.

With this HIS CK Birla Hospitals has taken its first steps towards complete e“integration. In its second phase they will also be launching a Mobile App, integrate the system to patient medical devices and also transmit to doctors on the go.




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