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Non-Invasive SPMF Technology for Cancer Patients



The World Brain Tumour Day is observed on 8th June across the world with the aim of increasing public awareness of this relatively unknown disease. The German Brain Tumour Association, whose members come from 14 different nations and lobby together in the interest of brain tumour patients, initiated the day in the year 2000. The German Brain Tumour Association announced the World Brain Tumour Day in the year 2000 as an international commemoration day to stimulate global awareness about brain tumour. On this occasion Wing Commander (Dr) VG Vasishta (Retd), CEO & Founder, SBF Healthcare and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. (former Prof. & HOD, Department of Radio diagnosis, Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Indian Air Force, Bangalore) has invited Cancer patients who have benefited through this unique SPMF (Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Fields) technology. Dr Vasishta along with the patients interacted with the media & shared their experiences.

Brain cancer is a devastating disease and losing someone you love, to such an aggressive illness, is not only traumatic but also extremely distressing for the family and friends. Researchers the world over have been trying various treatment methods of Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation but the survival rates have been quite dismal. I am happy to bring forward a new technology-SPMF which has shown very good results. SPMF being non invasive and safe has had excellent patient compliance. Many patients with high grade malignant Gliomas with an expected survival period of 7-9 months have after treatment with SPMF, are surviving for periods exceeding three years says Dr Vasishta.

29 years old Mr.Shashidhar(Brain tumour patient survival) said, he was diagnosed with multiple brain tumours in july 2011 which were inoperable due to their locations.He has suffered severe head aches and loss of sensation in limbs post different treatments. In dec 2011 he has taken 28 days of SPMF treatment and seen significant reduction in tumour size and successfully had no symptoms of head ache and regained full strength in limbs.He is doing well and thanked Dr Vasisht for giving his life back and carrying his normal activities.


A 4 year old LKG student named Rohan Ganesh initially presented with complaints of unable to hold a pencil,and frequent head aches with later paralysis on his right side with intermittent vomitings.Subsequent tests revealed a large brain tumour in a delicate part of brain where surgeons cannot operate to remove the tumour. In May 2004 Patient was operated on right with VP Shunt provided to reduce pressure on the Brain.In Nov 2004 Rohan has undergone SPMF treatment and the tumour reduced by 60 – 70%.Periodic monthly reviews revealed completely regressed tumour and patient had no symptoms of vomitings, head ache and regained full function of right side. His mother Chandra kala told media that he is doing very well for eight and a half years for now and is continuing with his regular education attending School.

SPMF therapy is a revolutionary new treatment pioneered by Wg Cdr (Dr) VG Vasishta (Retd), which offers a new lease of life to brain tumor patients. Many of those patients, who underwent SPMF therapy as part of the phase 1 trial have witnessed an increase in their mean survival period. The phase 1 trial was conducted earlier on patients with various stages of malignant brain tumours to uate the efficacy of SPMF therapy for one hour for 28 consecutive days. Patients were assessed using different parameters before the therapy and at predetermined intervals after SPMF therapy. These patients have shown statistically significant reduction in tumour size and also an improvement in quality of Life. On the eve of World brain tumor Day and International Cancer Survivors day, SPMF success stories offer a ray of hope to those who suffer from malignant brain tumours.

SBF Healthcare & Research Center Pvt. Ltd. is initiating Phase 2 of clinical trials on Brain tumour patients with the aim of increasing survival rates and to bring the SPMF Therapy as the first line of treatment for brain tumour patients. The trial is expected to start shortly once approvals from regulatory authorities are received.

SPMF therapy is a technology that produces highly complex sequentially programmed magnetic fields, which are computer controlled and precisely focused onto the target tissues with the help of laser guides. These are non-thermal, non-ionizing and have no known side effects. There are different pre-programmed treatment protocols which the Doctor decides for each patient based on the location and grade of the tumor and the stage of the disease.

Dr. VG Vasishta conducted a cancer trial at the institute of Aerospace Medicine, Indian Air Force, Bangalore. In this trial all the patients had undergone the regular treatments such as Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy etc., They were on palliative care and had volunteered for the treatment. Over 60% of the patients, who were given time from few weeks to few months to survive by their oncologists, survived for longer periods and even resumed their routine work.

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