Insurance Coverage for Imaging will Drive this Industry

KN Umesh Kumar, Business Head, MR Division, Siemens Heatlhcare, believes the future of MRI is bright with increasing new applications and zero radiation effects

 The market size of MRI equipment in India is approx ` 7 Billion with 10 to 12 percent CAGR. All the latest MRI equipment will have one of the following key specifications Tim (Total Imaging Matrix), Trueform in 3T, 45 mT with SR of 200 gradient strength, 70 cm wide bore, Dot (Day Optimising Throughput) Engines. The latest innovations in MR are Tim CT Angiography and Tim CT Oncology (CT like table movement in MRI), Dot Engines, Tim 4G (4th generation coil technology), Direct RF (Digital RF technology). Siemens new MAGNETOM systems have one or more of the latest technologies and even the old systems can be upgraded with the latest technologies.

One of the major challenges faced today is USD appreciation followed by Helium cost increase along with increase in logistics costs.  The advancements also bring an opportunity to increase clinical applications and awareness of MRI, affordability and commercial viability. The increase in regular health checkups and insurance coverage for imaging will drive this industry much ahead. Scanning result should logically end in curing, which can be achieved through minimally invasive procedures. So the imaging and minimally invasive procedures will be complimentary to each other.//


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