Moolchand had successfully accomplished a rare surgery on a 17-year-old girl suffering from neurogenic bladder disorder in August. She has started leading a well-settled life with most important of her trouble i.e., total urinary incontinence with constant wetting and smell taken care of after one month’s time.

A team of super specialists, led by Dr Manoj Talwar, Consultant, Moolchand Urology Hospital has performed this remarkable step of innovation on the patient who was suffering from neurological problem since childhood and was unable to move her lower limbs due to myelomeningocele swelling on lower back resulting in half paralyzed body restricting her to perform day to day work. She was totally incontinent for urine and stool, though managed latter with diet.

The patient’s family has supported her at all times, making her self-reliant in terms of education and well-being. In a society, where we still see female foes prevailing, her parents have brought her up in a remarkable way inspite of all the shortcomings. She is a brilliant student of class 11 now.
Dr Talwar said, “She was getting recurrent febrile episodes with pain due to recurrent UTI. On diagnosis she was found to have non-functional right kidney with small capacity urinary bladder diseased by her back problem resulting in urinary incontinence all the time and troublesome diaper use.

The team of doctors took the challenge by taking out her non-functional right kidney but at the same time using her mega dilated ureter (connecting tube between kidney and bladder) to augment her urinary bladder capacity for storage and using her appendix as a continent conduit from bladder to naval to intermittently siphon off her urine manageable by herself. Her damaged leaking bladder neck was also closed permanently in this process. After the surgery, the patient is fine and stable, febrile, no more urinary infections, completely dry and retaining and emptying urine through naval tube at normal intervals.

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