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MRK Healthcare began operations in 1965 under the leadership of Ramniklal Shah (Founder) for the manufacture and trading of molded rubber industrial products and surgical rubber gloves. MRK is one of Indias leading manufacturers of medical disposables and hospital equipment with a diversified product range and a reputed market presence. It is dedicatedly committed to the care and improvement of human life through continuum of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare products. It has five manufacturing units located in western India, with a total built-up area of 125,000 sq. feet and a further provision for expansion up to 1,200,000 sq. feet. Its administrative office is located strategically in Mumbai.

The team strives for a motivating environment where creativity and effectiveness are encouraged in which people can realise their professional ambitions and where cutting-edge technologies are applied to develop inventive healthcare solutions.

MRK Healthcare is in process of expansion of plant at Daman and Gujarat along with expansion of administrative wings at Mumbai. Its electro medical division is planning to introduce more and more home use electro-medical products. The company is expanding its product range with help of leading OEM manufacturing facility in India and abroad.


Gloves range
Examinationlatex and latex free gloves /surgical : powdered and powder free gloves/specialty gloves : ultra nulife gloves/orthopaedic gloves/ microsurgery gloves/double pair gloves/ elbow beadless length gloves.

Nulife surgeons gloves are designed perfectly anatomical for comfortable wrinkle – free fitting. The extremely soft rubber
reduces finger fatigue and increases efficiency. The special rubber film used in every Nulife gloves adds sensitivity while giving complete protection to the hand. Apart from ergonomic features, its stringent quality control measures make it the safest protective hand wear for surgeons.

Eletro-Medical Devices

Nebulizer :  Nuneb Pro, Handyneb, Slimneb /Needle Burner and Syringe Destroyer (60 Watt and 100 Watt)/ Introducing New-Digital Weighing Scale and Air Bed

Plastic Disposable & Protection Kit
IV Canula /3 Way Stop Cock & Extension Tubing/ Flow Regulator/ Infusion Set/ HIV Kit/ Combi Luer Lock

Urology products
” Foley balloon catheter – two way & three way
” Male incontinancy device
” Urine Bags

They are ET.O. sterilised and individual packed, biological tested and ready for single use. Non toxic, kink free, soft, transparent PVC long tubing with connector I.D. 6.5mm x O.D. 7.5 mm 100 cm tube length, top Outlet with cover. Outlet system for easy drainage of urine and for fast emptying of the bag.


MRK Healthcare wide product range includes gloves, catheters, plastic disposable, disinfectant range and electro medical
devices. Various types of gloves ranging from exam gloves, surgical gloves to specialty gloves range. Electro medical devices include four models of nebulizers and needle burner and syringe destroyer-60 Watt and100 Watt.


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