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Company Profile

Winzest is a pioneer in developing and delivering Online Tutorials and Teaching Aids for Engineering programs. Through LearningWare, Winzest offers these solutions that map and integrate into the universitys curricula and pedagogic systems. These address a significant portion of the colleges teaching-learning process while improving the quality of learning. The company is promoted by people with vast experience in building successful companies, academic leadership and global corporate experience. Experts in various engineering domains, drawn from leading institutions from across the country and from USA along with instructional designers form the backbone of the content development team. The graphic design team adds further value to the content in the form of animations and simulations. The technology team supports the online cloud-based virtual learning environment. The World Bank is actively supporting this initiative in terms of funding the company as this is part of their mission to improve the quality of education.

Company Name:
Winzest Edutech Private Limited

Management Team:
Managing Director: Sarath Sura
utive Vice President:
Vijay Pasupulati

Head Office:
Prathima, Plot No. 213,
Jubilee Hills, Road No. 1,
Film Nagar, Hyderabad “ 96,
Andhra Pradesh

Major Regional Offices (India):
1. Hyderabad 2. New Delhi
3. Bangalore

Contact Person For Clarification:
Vijay Pasupulati
utive Vice President
+ 91 40 “ 4445 2201

Customer Support Helpline Number:
+ 91 – 40 4445 2222

Products and Services

LearningWare is a completely online solution developed by a team of academic, e-learning and technology experts. LearningWare offers Online Tutorials for students and Teaching Aids for faculty of engineering education. This content is mapped to specific university curricula, hosted over a Cloud Server and delivered over a Virtual Learning Environment. Apart from this, there are solved Model Questions and abundant multiple-choice-questions embedded into the online solution. The Online Tutorials and Teaching Aids come with high quality digital content in the form of animations, interactive simulations, live assessments and several tools for practice like exercises, assignments, and projects. This cloud-based content is continuously updated, upgraded and technologically enhanced while being instantly made available to the users. In additional to LearningWare, Winzest provides end-to-end academic solutions to Universities including curriculum design, content development, distance learning support and online assessments.


In the last 4 months, LearningWare has been successful in registering more than 15000 students and 500 faculties on its learning portal, The portal offers a unique forum for academic collaboration for the faculty and students. In addition Subject Matter Experts from foreign universities collaborate in the content development process.

Target Verticals

Engineering Universities and Colleges including Distance Learning Solutions.


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