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Medical Technology over the past ten years has transformed the healthcare sector by several cutting edge solutions in the areas of molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, minimally invasive therapies, implantable medical devices etc. The size of the Indian medical technology industry may touch US$ 14 billion by 2020 on account of strong economic growth, higher public spending and private investments in healthcare, increased penetration of health insurance and emergence of new models of healthcare delivery.

There has also been a recent surge of IT applications in healthcare and health entities across the globe are increasing their IT spend. The global trends display promising numbers, as the global healthcare IT market is estimated to reach US $53.8 billion by 2014, growing at a CAGR of 16.1 percent. It is expected that the market for general applications in health IT will grow at an overall CAGR of 13 percent from 2009 to 2014 in India.

India being a populous country with diverse healthcare needs has been slow in its healthcare delivery channels. A recent report says that large corporate hospitals in India spend under only one percent of their operating budget on IT, while in the western countries it is closer to three percent. However, with emerging pockets of extraordinary innovation that exist in the expanding healthcare technology market “ technology will play a key role in making health for all a reality in India.

It is imperative to tackle the twin objectives of facilitating satisfying delivery of services to the beneficiaries and streamlining policy and issues that will facilitate better healthcare delivery in the country.

With this vision and mission, eHEALTH magazine is pleased to release the third edition of the Healthcare Technology Resource Guide, which is a classic compilation of the leading technology providers catering to the Indian healthcare sector. This annual directory is a comprehensive compilation of latest products and solutions in Healthcare IT & Medical
Technology space, helping healthcare delivers to keep abreast about latest technologies, while facilitating their purchase decisions and planning.

We hope that this compilation is able to achieve its objectives.

Happy reading!

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