“Electronic Medical Records on the cloud”

Electronic Medical Records We’re still relatively early in the adoption of cloud technology within the healthcare sector. It’s estimated by Accenture that about 32 per cent of healthcare practices in North America are on the cloud today, lagging well behind some estimates of a 50 per cent adoption rate within the general business sector. One of the main reasons is that some physicians remain concerned about a perceived loss of control in moving to the cloud, given that it replaces the physical IT infrastructure they’ve traditionally housed within the four walls of their practice.
It’s certainly an understandable desire “ wanting to see, feel and touch your technology. That said, there are compelling reasons why an increasing number of doctors are migrating their server environments and applications, like electronic medical records (EMRs), to the cloud.
EMR, for its part, is further along the same road of adoption; initial uncertainty is giving way to “mainstream” acceptance. Though full EMR adoption is still a distance away, Bell – by virtue of its acquisition of xwave in January – is dedicated to expanding the use of EMRs within the healthcare community.


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