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Deployment of Microsoft Amalga UIS

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Milton Keynes Hospital is expanding the deployment of Microsoft Amalga Unified Intelligence System (UIS) across the organisation after receiving excellent user feedback. Amalga UIS, Microsoft’s enterprise data aggregation platform for healthcare, will assist Milton Keynes Hospital in improving patient care, meeting government targets for quality and innovation, and reducing costs. The Amalga platform unlocks and pulls raw patient information from a wide range of existing core technology systems, such as Cerner Millennium. By taking data feeds from Cerner and other systems, Amalga is able to present the data through a single interface to authorised members of clinical teams, enabling them to rapidly access consolidated patient data. Amalga enables hospital clinicians to take this aggregated information and create reports and dashboards to better analyse patient data that would have previously been locked in siloed systems. By bringing data together into a single interface, hospital staffs are also able to provide quicker, more accurate diagnoses – with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and advice.

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