The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS) has decided to roll out a new electronic health insurance card project to streamline the patients’ claims processing system. The new system enables healthcare providers to instantly and accurately check a patient’s health insurance status and allows for health claims to be processed online.

The system enables healthcare providers to accurately check a patient’s health insurance status and allows them to instantly process health claims. The decision to implement the new electronic health insurance system nationwide comes after the successful completion of a pilot program at Dr Franc Derganc General Hospital in the Nova Gorica region of Slovenia.

The new system is based on an IBM integrated IT infrastructure solution that links healthcare providers to both public and private health insurance organisations. The company has provided the hardware, software and services in order to create the central IT infrastructure for the project. The solution is based on IBM System z10 hardware that runs on its WebSphere and DB2 software. The main software components include modules for identifying, authenticating and authorising health professionals to ensure a secure communication channel between the healthcare provider and insurer.

The country is looking at phasing out the existing system over the next six months, which has since March 2009, been extended to over 100 healthcare institutions in the Gorenjska and Primorska regions. Planned to be fully operational by January 2010, the new system will be used by approximately 30,000 health professionals and more than two million patients in health institutions across Slovenia.

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