Unilabs buys Belgian teleradilology firm

Unilabs says the acquisition will enable it to develop teleradiology services on a pan-European basis. At present EuradConsult carries out around 40,000 teleradiology MRI reports a year. Eurad Consult has established partnerships with leading PACS equipment providers. Each report undergoes a double-reading procedure where at least two radiologists view each report before it is released to our customers over a secure VPN internet connection. Unilabs says the addition of teleradiology services will enhance its existing range of diagnostic services, provided through more than 60 laboratories and 30 radiology units across Europe. Unilabs is active in European countries including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Customers include public and private healthcare providers. “Teleradiology creates the possibility to increase availability of high quality radiology reporting services, reduce healthcare costs and use limited radiology services in an efficient way,” said Orwar Gustafsson, director of new markets for Unliab. “Teleradiology makes state-of-the-art medical diagnosis more easily available and therefore allows more patients to be treated timely and accurately,” said Dr Erik Ranschaert, one of the co-founders of EuradConsult. “Together with Unilabs, we will bring high-quality healthcare closer to the local communities,” said Dr Frits Barnd Binkhuysen, co-founder of EuradConsult. Founded in 2001 EuradConsult provides teleradiology services across Europe. The company has an established platform and service model.

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