Smoking cessation campaigns via SMS in London

Pharmacies in London will launch a text messaging service to validate smoking status and invite ‘quitters’ for smoking cessation services in addition to using the system for ‘follow-up’ over the next year. The adoption of the Patient Care Messaging service, provided by iPLATO, has been driven by the successful use of the system for similar campaigns in GP surgeries across 34 PCTs. The pharmacies using iPLATO’s Patient Care Messaging for Pharmacies service, will receive support via best practice techniques for launching the text messaging service, enabling them to fulfil their growing role in Public Health. A representative from one of the pharmacies said, “We are excited about the opportunity to improve engagement with our patients through innovative technology. For any broad patient communication solution we are always concerned with privacy and data protection. The PCT has developed guidelines to ensure patient safety that we adhere to. According to these guidelines, patients can opt out of the service at any time by simply telling their pharmacist or any staff. We would encourage all customers to hand in their mobile number so that we can reach them with this new service.”


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