ViScope enables doctors to visualise the heart sounds

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HD Medical Services (India) Pvt Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of HD Medical Group Limited of Australia, has entered into an agreement with BPL for the distribution of ViScope 100. ViScope is an audio-visual cardiac screening device that enables doctors to visualise the heart sounds along with hearing them better. ViScope also enables the better detection of murmurs and other heart sound components so as to achieve an effective screening of cardiac anomalies. The distribution agreement is valued at US$ 10 million. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Jay Jethwa, Managing Director and Chief utive Officer of the HD Medical Group said, the group had offices in India (Mysore), the U.S. and Australia. Most of the research and development for the technology was carried out in Chennai. The company was founded in 2005 to commercialise its proprietary and patented heart sound technology. The company had filed 14 patents applications and obtained one patent in the field of cardiac auscultation. The chief inventor of the company, Arvind Thiagarajan, said the company had strategic collaboration with many leading global institutions for clinical trials and technology validation. The Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President of BPL, A. Vijay Simha, said the agreement was valid for two years and had decided to set up a team to train the doctors and explain the importance of the product.

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