Telemedicine set to improve health services in rural areas

Sarva Swastha Abhiyan (SSA) and the Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Metro organized workshop in Gujarat (India) to bridge the wide disparities in healthcare services and telemedicine services. SSA is working with major hospitals in Gujarat to provide super speciality consultation to the people living in remote areas of the state. So far, SSA has opened 14 centres in the state and is looking to add another 100 in a years time. A typical telemedicine centre is connected to the hospital through ISDN/VSAT or telephone line. Medical reports of the patient are scanned and transmitted and the patient is able to share his problem with the doctor through video conferencing. Based on the sent data, patient’s statements and the option of the local doctor who is also present there the specialist gives his advise. This is again scanned and sent to the peripheral centre and a copy is made available to the patient. Mukesh Bhagat, CEO of SSA-India, stated that telemedicine is a necessity in India. It can help in monitoring disease incident patterns in remote areas.

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