Now, patients can check medical records through their mobile phone. A division of Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc., CapMed, has acquired the technology, which provides mobile phone-based medical records. The company has acquired patent pending technology, ICE First technology of Juke Systems, Inc, a developer of mobile phone applications, based in Darien, Connecticut. The technology is compatible with a number of cellphone systems, Nokia, Palm, Blackberry, Motorola, LG and Samsung, and eventually, Apple’s iPhone. This acquisition will allow health care consumers to access their medical, health and medical insurance information from their mobile phones. Users can store their routine and emergency heath information in their mobile phones. The technology also allows users to easily update their their information through a website database,, which is accessible from any computer. Users can rely on ICE First technology, while filling or updating health and medical forms required by physician practices, schools, and employers. The new mobile phone based PHR application shows the last updated date and also sends electronic alerts and reminders to health care customers regarding their updating of information on regular basis. Health care customers can access their emergency and routine health care information for themselves and up to 10 family members. The ICE First technology is available for individual patients and health care users can download the technology through an annual subscription or through sponsorship of the technology from hospitals, health systems, associations, medical groups or health plans.

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