Telemedicine, a good combination of medicine and modern technology is raising new hopes in health care. Christian Weigand, a computer scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen, Germany has developed a portable laboratory to diagnose the condition as well as monitor during therapy. The device is contained in a small box, so that patient ties it around their chest before sleeping.  The device records the patient’s breathing, pulse, heartbeat, oxygen level in the blood, and sleeping position from the sensors attached in the body. The data are transmitted through short-range radio with Bluetooth technology to a base station in the patient’s home, which analyses them and sends them to the treating physician. All patients needs telephone line to use this service. The US Company Medtronic has developed the device to measure the electrical resistance between the pacing lead in the heart and the pulse generator under the collarbone. A drop in resistance is a sign that fluid is collecting in the lungs. The physician is then notified through a mobile-phone text message. The device sends the data by radio to a personal computer or personal digital assistant, whose software makes a health assessment and gives warnings and health tips through email. Stuttgart-based company Biocomfort is costing around 800 euros to measures blood pressure, weight, body fat and blood sugar.

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